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 A rooftop on the border of the village

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PostSubject: A rooftop on the border of the village   Tue May 29, 2012 2:43 am

Dusk.Wind rushing over roofs swooping the dusts and carrying the whisper of the silencing village.The sun is slowly sliding down moving behind the mountains that surrounds the village.Today Setsaru has finally graduated the academy.

Setsaru is sitting on in the middle of a rooftop with his knees bent and elbows placed upon them leaving his hands hanging loose between them.Setsaru is wearing a suite is as this was a day of celebration.The suite itself is quite typical - completely black with an exception of a shirt which ,of course, is white.His tie is hanging loosely around his neck.The jacked is open following loosely the wind coming at it.The top buttons of his shirt are open as well.The house Setsaru is sitting on doesn't differ much from the others besides being the highest one around.

While sitting Setsaru is driving his fingers over the newly attained forehead-protector.He's slightly rubbing it so he could least feel the inscription on it for his eyes are blindfolded with a black band.While his face is not expressing anything particular his seems to radiate calmness.By looking at him you can see that he's smiling on the inside even while his face isn't expressing it.
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A rooftop on the border of the village
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