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 Sharingan Rules {WIP}

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Night Uchiha

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PostSubject: Sharingan Rules {WIP}   Sharingan Rules {WIP} EmptyTue Apr 24, 2012 10:35 am

No Uchiha starts with a sharingan, but must awaken it through a life or death situation. To gain the 1st tomoe you must make an thread about your life or death experiance. When making this thread, it can not be done solo. You can do it with another rp or with your sqad or whatever, just not alone. Once you have completed your thread a mod will review it and if it is good, he/she will appove it.

Min word count for first tomoe: 500

Min word count for second tomoe: 700

Min word count for third tomoe: 800

For the second and third tomoe, you must make a thread showing you train your sharingan and if it meets the min word count and has good quality then a mod will approve it and you have gain your repective tomoe.

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Sharingan Rules {WIP}
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