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Night Uchiha
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 Night Uchiha[Approved]

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Night Uchiha
Night Uchiha

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PostSubject: Night Uchiha[Approved]   Night Uchiha[Approved] EmptyWed Apr 25, 2012 9:59 pm

Basic information
Name: Night Uchiha
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Clan: Uchiha
Rank: Chunnin

Appearance: Night has messy Red/Orange hair that spikes up naturally and usually never needs brushing. He gets compliments were every he goes due to his rare hair colour.

Night has chocolate brown eyes that sparkle when he is exited and seem to rurn black when enraged or sad.

Night is usually considered short by others and himself, and will usually get angry when called short, and it can also result in him lashing out at people in extreme cases. (He usually just yells at them alot.) He isn't overly musculer, but isn't a tooth pick ether. Night strives to stay in shape and look his best, but he isn't obsessive about it.
Night's usually always seen wearing his white t-shirt, bearing the Uchiha family crest on the back. Also Night wears dark green pants that go down to about his ankles. Night also has a bandaged wraped right arm, due to his lack of control over the size or intensity of fire release styles, which usually results in him burning himself multiple times.
Personality: Night is a generaly shy guy, but when he warms up to people he becomes a loud and talkative person.

He has a great sence of humor and dosn't mind people laughing him because he also can take a joke and laugh at his mistakes.

Night is a loyal friend and is very protective if his friends and will do anything for there benefit. Even if the odds of something clearly outway them, Night sticks beside his friends. He loves to hang out with his friends when he is not out on missions or busy.

Night has a happy nature and thus draws people to him. Night trys to be the positive one but sometimes only makes the situation worse. Night can also be very hyper, seeming to have endless bouts of energy making him perfect for taijutsu.

Night has high endurance and stamina and seems to draw strength from out of the blue when the situation calls for it, especially when his friends are in trouble. He is also is very nimble and fast. He has been working on his chakra control, to increase his overall speed.

Night can also be a sort of a trouble maker, pulling pranks and being defiant if he dosn't agree with something. He has a strong sence of right and wrong and will fight tooth and nail for what he belives is right.

But don't be fooled by Night gental nature. When the times calls for it, Night can be aggressive, cool and calculating. Night, belive it or not, is easly angered and sometimes has short bursts of anger, which in battle sometimes gives him the edge.

Chakra Info
Elements: Katon,Raiton
Kg: Sharingan
Special Elements:
Special Modes: Reservoir mode (Night has a condition were he has access to an extra amount of chakra he can access regularly and is released in times of stress)

Background Info
History: ~Childhood~

When Night was born one thing was strange about him. He had an unusual chakra network, were he has a like area were extra chakra he couldn't regularly access was stored, due to his abnormal ammount of chakra.

When Night was two, his parents were sent out on an scouting mission to look into a recent sighting of a small group of rouge ninjas that have been seen in the area. They were supposed to return within the day but when they didn't return, a small squad of Jounin were sent to check out the situation. When they returned, they had grim news. The squad Night's patents were in had been wiped out.

Shortly after the funeral Night began to focus on his ninja training in memory if his parents. From that point on Night lived in a small apartment that was given to him by the Hokage in the Uchiha area of the Hidden leaf.

~Academy Days~

When Night entered into the acedemy, he wasn't the greatest student due to his lack of chakra control, but he wasn't the worst student either. Night was naturaly gifted in Taijutsu
and that was usually his best subject. Nights speed was almost unmatched in his class when he could control his chakra flow.

When Night was asked to spar with his class mate, Night was determind to put up a good fight, but he was defeted by his class mate, and humiliated in front of his peers. Night thought that if he could awaken his Sharingan, that mabe he could of won his match.

Night was determind to grow strong so he figured his first step to greatness would be if he could master the clans signature jutsu- the fire style fireball jutsu. The Uchiha elders agreed to teach him the technique. The first time Night attempted the technique was when he was 7, but he was unable to complete the jutsu, as all that happened was smoke spewed from his mouth. After a long month of training with the jutsu, Night attempted it again he was able to create a medium sized fireball but at the cost of him severely burning his right arm in the process.

Night after 2 months of traing, he had mastered the fireball jutsu, which is probably the only jutsu he really control due to his extensive practice with it(practice makes perfect, right?) Once Night had mastered the fireball jutsu, his ninjutsu skills slowly increased and his grades also slowly began to get better.

~First few weeks of being a Genin~

When Night graduated from the ninja academy, his first mission was, much to his displeasure, was to find a lost cat. He completed the mission with great ease and collected his ryo.

Almost a week after him becoming a Genin the group of rouge ninjas were spotted in the area again. Night tailed a group of Jounin who were sent to dispose of the threat.

As the battle raged Night was discovered by and enemy ninja and was held captive. The rouge ninja planned to kill Night to swnd a message to stay out of the way. Night was tied to a tree and as the kunai that would end Night's life hurtled towards him, pure terror ripping through Night.

The Jounin who were waiting for an opening sprang into action, saving Night and eliminating the rouges. Night was returned safely after wards to the village. After that Night, Night realized the kind of world
He lived in. I was full of hate and it needed to


Pictures: Night Uchiha[Approved] 1232470775_9165_full


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Kaito Hyuuga
Kaito Hyuuga

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Re: Night Uchiha[Approved]   Night Uchiha[Approved] EmptyWed Apr 25, 2012 10:46 pm

Night Uchiha[Approved] Approved

Gives +20 damage to every doton jutsu of the user
Doton jutsu's of the opponent loose -10 damage
Though it may seem like a whip, by infusing doton chakra in the blade the metal thread that keeps all the metal plates together instantly hardens, making it a sword. By releasing the chakra it goes back to a whip. The strenght of the sword is enough to crush bones like a hammer.
Three times per battle the sword can negate the elemental weakness of one doton jutsu, making it as strong as a raiton jutsu (or any other elemental weakness).
Once per battle the user can destroy an opponents offensive doton-jutsu by infusing the sword with doton-based chakra. When it does this it absorbs 20% of its strength, which is added to the damage of the next doton-jutsu the user uses.
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Night Uchiha[Approved]
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