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Semasu Nara
Semasu Nara

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PostSubject: Semasu Nara   Semasu Nara EmptyThu Apr 26, 2012 12:13 am

Basic information

Name" Semasu Nara
Age: 18
Rank: Raikage
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 128lbs
Weapon: Futsu-Nushi-No-Kami - God of Lightning

Personality: A cheerful girl who knows how to lighten moods even what dark works are under-foot; she is always in a constant state of joy even when she feels pulled down herself. It is in her nature to lift other people’s morale; she gets upset in battles against foes and tends to over-do her actions when in this state. To her, friends are the most important thing; all her goals and willpower is to protecting those around her that she cares about dearly. While always cheerful, she never forgets hardships and seriousness of situations, even when she appears to have forgotten. She has a knack for looking at things positively when most others have difficulty. Very competitive with people her age; some things do bother her though, and if your around when she is bothered, she quickly switches from nice to not-so-nice.

Chakra Info

Semasu Nara Stats_11

Element(s): Raiton, Yoton, Inton
Kekkai Genkai:
Style: Kenjutsu
Special Elements: Kenjutsu Fuuinjutsu
Clan:[b] Nara
[b]Special Modes:

Background Info
History: Believed abandoned by her original parents and village when she was too young to understand or know anything, an older couple from Kumogakure took her in and raised her like their own child since they couldn’t have children of their own. At a young age, she showed such resilience to damage that the older couple decided to find someone to teach her how to fight. No matter what weapon she chose or stance she took, nothing felt right to her or in her hands; only a good sharp sword and free-forming clothes made her feel comfortable.
Now knowing her affinity to battle, the older couple encouraged her in her practices and studies to do her best; which became an underlying principle to her later on. Growing up with the children her age was somewhat challenging, since she was not originally from the village, people had a difficult time trusting her or playing with her. She grew up knowing how lonely and miserable one could be, so she decided to be as happy as she could and help others to be happy as well.
It wasn’t until after her older ”mother” had died from disease that her true test of happiness was to come, her “father” was grief-stricken and she nearly succumbed to depression and despair; seeing her father doing the same thing though showed her that she could never get what she wanted if she let herself be defeated so easily. With much perseverance and will-power, she helped herself and her father out of the death of her mother and moved on. Many villagers admired her courage and strength to take up the cooking and cleaning of the house in her mother’s absence; Semasu did all these things smiling and singing, some began to call her the Singing Samurai and the name stuck.

Rp Sample: Semasu peered down the blade of a ninjas sword, many kinds of people inhabited Kumogakure; swordsmen were not as common though. Few and far between actually carried a notable sword, most preferred to rely soly on their ninjutsu and kunai. Semasu believed a true warrior was someone who could hold their resolve in their hands and have the willpower to never let it go, no matter what the odds.
She handled the sword for a moment longer before drawing one of her own from her right hip; she weighed it in her right hand and then the other swirdsmen's sword in the same hand. She proceeded to swing both of them in several cutting and jabbing manuevers, finally she sheathed her sword and handed his back to the shinobi. A slight sigh of disappointment escaped her lips before she told the ninja what she thought about him.

"Your an intelligent person, but you hesitate when it comes to important decisions;you would rather let one of your teammates make those calls for you. Hvae more faith in yourself, you have a lot of courage you don't yet use."

The shinobi seemed defeated and yet inspired by her accurate judgement of him through the feel of his blade; she had a talent of reading people by the kind of sword they carried, it's why she never understood people without a sword too much. Her own father had even looked until he found a swird that fit him, this was to familiarize Semasu with her adopted parents at such a young age.
The shinobi left the ramen shop with a new-found determination in his eyes and Semasu felt happier for helping him reach the next stepping stone in his life. She glanced up at the sky, it was nearly time for her to head home and began cleaning before her elderly father came home from his weekly meeting with the older officals of the village. She paid the shop-keeper for the spicy ramen and sake and hurried home.
She paused briefly as she remembered all the moments when her adopted mother took time to teach her how to clean properly saying Someday, you will do these chores too; for yourself or for others. Her mother had been right of course and she was glad that she paid attention. Her father was too old now to be doing too much work or moving, it was enough that he persisted in going to those meetings every other day to argue about the village.
She cared deeply for her father and feared the time when he would pass away, leaving her alone in the village; she was not truly alone though, she villagers loved her. Everyone loved her smiling face and enjoyed her cheerfulness, her helpfulness and her wisdom into their daily problems. Even so, her parents were her last ties to any kind of true family she might have had.
She shook those feelings off as she prepared a bucket of water to scrub the floors with, she tied her hair back tight so it would not get wet. She set her swords on her bed and began to work downstairs by the door and worked her to the back of the house. Soon her father returned and she made a light dinner for him, which he enjoyed; always saying that she could cook just like her mother.

She repeated the same ritual the next day, she helped neighbors and strangers alike and cheered people around her with her cheerful attitude. Today though, she came home early; today was a special day for her father, his birthday. Even though he was old and never ate much in the evenings, she was so happy that she cooked lots of food for them to enjoy as they talked and joked about things in life.
He began to run a little late, she didn't worry because a neighbor man always saw him back to his house safely; today though, she heard no footsteps on the porch until late into the evening. She had kept the food warm and some of her anticipation vanished, but only the neighbor man entered the house; dread crept up her spine from the look on his face.

"I'm sorry, Semasu... your father today, he got too worked up today in an arguement and his heart gave out. I feel terrible because I was the one to bring up the topic, please forgive me and believe that I did everything I could to save him."

The man was sobbing and bowed with his face to the ground, begging for her forgiveness. She was not over being shocked and as such, she hadn't started crying herself.

"My father always believed firmly in putting his whole being into all his actions, it's not your fault for his passing; him and I both knew this day would come. There is no need to ask for forgiveness. Now come on, I made all this food and I can't eat it by myself."

The neighbor slowly wiped his tears on his kimono sleeve and thanked her for her hospitality; she had guessed he hadnt eaten since early morning. His face was pale and his movements shakey, she feared before too long he would collapse from exhaustion. They both ate and drank late into the evening, only when he was drunk from the sake had he started laughing again; Semasu laughed at his exaggerated poses and jokes, this was her way of showing her dead parents that her mourning would be a happy one, not a sad one.
Finally when the neighbor had left with in a happy stupor, she cleaned up the food and made her way to her room; both katanas lay on the bed, those were her only comfort. She drew them from their sheathes and stared at the naked blades in the moonlight; her resolve was just as unbending as these blades.. she would become the best warrior and show any unbeliever that she was raised properly by her parents to be a true Kumogakure shinobi.


Semasu Nara Semasu10



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Kaito Hyuuga
Kaito Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Re: Semasu Nara   Semasu Nara EmptyThu Apr 26, 2012 3:18 pm

Semasu Nara Approved

Unless Night disagrees

Gives +20 damage to every doton jutsu of the user
Doton jutsu's of the opponent loose -10 damage
Though it may seem like a whip, by infusing doton chakra in the blade the metal thread that keeps all the metal plates together instantly hardens, making it a sword. By releasing the chakra it goes back to a whip. The strenght of the sword is enough to crush bones like a hammer.
Three times per battle the sword can negate the elemental weakness of one doton jutsu, making it as strong as a raiton jutsu (or any other elemental weakness).
Once per battle the user can destroy an opponents offensive doton-jutsu by infusing the sword with doton-based chakra. When it does this it absorbs 20% of its strength, which is added to the damage of the next doton-jutsu the user uses.
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Semasu Nara
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