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PostSubject: Liquid Timing   Liquid Timing EmptyMon Jun 04, 2012 5:47 pm

Liquid Timing is when you have one character in more than one place. It is useful if you want to rp alot with that one character but can be very confusing for others.

So the aim for this guide is to tell you how liquid timing happens on NNG (Naruto Next Generation).

To aviod to much confusion on were your character is we will limit the number of threads he/she can be liquid timing in to 2 threads. Also the mater of if your ninja aquires something (I.g. a new jutsu, ninja tool etc) while he is in a totaly different thread. Now this can be tricky, but we will say for example you gain a new jutsu through training in one thread and are out adventuring in another thread. You do not gain the ability to use that jutsu till ALL your liquid time threads are completed.

If there is any questions on this pm me! king

Night's Jutsu List
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Liquid Timing
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